Minute 007: If You Can Write as Well as You Can Add


“We are the little guys,” says Bowfinger. “We never had muscle before, but now we do. Because last night, I read a screenplay that every studio in town is going to want. And how did we get this screenplay?Because Afrim here is a damn fine writer, as well as accountant and part-time receptionist. I said, ‘Afrim, if you can write as well as you can add…’ Well, I didn’t even have to finish my sentence. Twelve days later, he hands me this… this masterpiece!”

“Oh, thank you, boss!” says Afrim.

“Alright,” says Bowfinger. “Tell ’em the title.”

“Chubby Rain,” says Afrim.

“What?” says Carol.

“Chubby Rain,” repeats Bowfinger. “Tell ’em why.”

“You see,” explains Afrim, “The aliens come down to Earth in the raindrops.”

“Yeah!” says Bowfinger.

“Making the raindrops chubby,” continues Afrim.

“Aliens in the raindrops. Chubby rain!” says Bowfinger. Slater rolls his eyes.
“I mean, at the end of this movie,” says Bowfinger, “when our hero, Keith Kincaid, looks up at the alien antenna and says,’Gotcha, suckas!’ I mean, that is a moment.”

In This Episode

  • Steve Martin as Bobby Bowfinger
  • Adam Alexi-Malle as Afrim
  • Kohl Sudduth as Slater
  • Christine Baranski as Carol
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