Dave hands Bowfinger the keys to the “borrowed” Mercedes. “I’m supposed to be washing it,” says Dave.

“Has Renfro left yet?” asks Bowfinger, climbing into the Mercedes.

“Left 15 minutes ago,” replies Dave. “He should be getting to the restaurant by now.”

“Listen Dave,” says Bowfinger, “if this meeting goes like I think it will, I’m making you cameraman. Do you know what that means?”

“Means you’ll be living up to your promise?” asks Dave.

“That’s right,” says Bowfinger. “And, if this movie gets made, I’m giving you my van.” Bowfinger pulls the car out of the parking space.

“It IS my van!” says Dave.

Later at the Le Dome restaurant, Bowfinger pulls up in the Mercedes. He grabs the “Chubby Rain” script, then reaches down to the car’s cell phone. Giving the receiver a quick yank, he pulls the hardware loose from the car, trailing a heavy power cord out of the center console.

Bowfinger notices two men walking out of the restaurant. They appear successful, and do not have ponytails like Bowfinger does. Bowfinger reaches around to the back of his neck and removes his ponytail, which turns out to be a mere appliance. He heads inside the restaurant.

In This Episode

  • Steve Martin as Bobby Bowfinger
  • Jamie Kennedy as Dave
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