Minute 027: I Could Never, Never Kiss You


“Then she might want to be paid,” says Bowfinger. 

“She had ‘it’ maybe!” says Slater.

“Look, I didn’t make the system!” says Bowfinger. “The system is bigger…”

Slater glares at Bowfinger, pleading.

“All right,” says Bowfinger, “If you want the responsibility, fine.”

Slater runs out the door and catches up with Daisy.

“So I talked it over with the man,” explains Slater, “Says he’ll take a check.”

“He will?” asks Daisy.
“Yes,” says Slater. Daisy ponders this information.

“He listens to you?” asks Daisy.
“Yeah,” says Slater.

Later, back at the Bowfinger International studio, Slater and Daisy are acting out a scene. Daisy is reading a script page, while Afrim and Bowfinger watch.

“I could never be with you, Todd,” says Daisy. “I’m loyal to Keith. I’m loyal to him. I could never, never kiss you.” Daisy steps closer to Slater, and they lock in a very heated embrace.

In This Episode

  • Steve Martin as Bobby Bowfinger
  • Kohl Sudduth as Slater
  • Heather Graham as Daisy
  • Adam Alexi-Malle as Afrim
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