Minute 030: The Most Promising Group of Young Professionals


Carol looks at Bowfinger. “What is it?” she asks.

“I wish you could see what I see,” says Bowfinger.

“What do you see, boss?” asks Afrim.

“The most promising group of young professionals I’ve ever worked with,” replies Bowfinger. Everyone smiles.

The next morning, Dave is sneaking out of Universal Studios with camera equipment. He says hi to the gate guard.

“Hey, Cliff,” says Dave.

“Morning, Dave,” says Cliff.

In front of Kit’s house, Bowfinger and the crew sets up for their first shoot. They’re hiding in the bushes across the street from the Ramsey estate.

Bowfinger looks at the equipment Dave borrowed.

“Good camera,” says Bowfinger.

“Yeah,” says Dave. “I gotta have it back in every night, or it’s a felony. Years you’d get.

You’d get,” replies Bowfinger. “Daisy, Daisy, come on.” He aims Daisy toward the gate across the street.

“Bobby, what if Daisy said ‘it’s a tough world’ instead of ‘it’s a rough world?'”

“That’s good,” says Bowfinger. He turns to Daisy. “You got that insert?” Daisy nods.

“Slater, you got that briefcase?” asks Bowfinger. Slater brings the briefcase.

“Would she really bring his briefcase if she was so worried?” asks Daisy.

“The briefcase is a… is a metaphor,” explains Bowfinger, “for the entire relationship. The briefcase is a symbol!”

In This Episode

  • Steve Martin as Bobby Bowfinger
  • Heather Graham as Daisy
  • Jamie Kennedy as Dave
  • Christine Baranski as Carol
  • Kohl Sudduth as Slater
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