“We’re trying to make a movie here, not a film!” shouts Kit. “Damn! You’re supposed to be the agent! I tell you what, you better find me a line as good as the time I told Tommy Lee Jones, ‘F**k y’all,’ and blew his brains out.”

“Hey yo, Kit,” says Freddy. “You know what’s happenin’ here? This is just another example of the white
man takin’ all the best catch phrases… and then givin’ them to Arnold or Stallone.”

“Exactly!” says Kit. “And Jackie Chan and Van Damme. And they can’t even speak English good! And I tell you what, there’s some covert stuff goin’ on.”

“Covert?” asks Freddy.

“There’s some covert s**t I just found out the other day. Come inside. I’m glad you’re here.” says Kit, motioning his agent and Freddy to come into his office.

“Come in here,” says Kit, gathering his crew around this computer. “C’mon, right now, everybody. Come here.”

“What you talkin’ about?” asks Freddy.

“Look at this,” says Kit. “Just for fun, I scanned in the computer the script to see how many times the letter ‘K’ appears in the script. The letter ‘K’ appears in this script 1,456 times. That’s perfectly divisible by three.”

“So what’re you sayin’?” asks Freddy.

“What am I sayin’?” says Kit. “K-K-K appears in this script 486 times.” Everyone pauses to look at the agent, who’s the only white man in the room.

“Kit…” begins Hal, the agent.

In This Episode

  • Eddie Murphy as Kit Ramsey
  • Barry Newman as Hal the Agent
  • Claude Brooks as Freddy
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