Workers in a knock-off Gucci purse factory/barn place purses in baskets on an assembly line.

Johnny Rivers’ “Secret Agent Man” continues to play.

Suddenly, the barn door slides open. Jiff is standing outside, in a red karate gi, with a black headband and a machine gun in each hand.

The workers look at Jiff.

At the other end of the barn, Daisy is tied up with her arms over her head. Slater, shirtless and wearing a spiked collar, stands with a pair of num-chuks.

Afrim, apparently the boss of the operation, sits near Slater. Afrim wears a silk robe and a Panama hat.

Jiff walks into the barn, his two machine guns raised to the ceiling.

Daisy smiles and sighs.

A group of martial arts fighters, wearing yellow shirts and black berets, shout and assume a fighting position. They run toward Jiff.

Jiff drops his guns on the floor and yells a shrill battle cry. He runs toward them, frequently guarding his face with his hands.

The martial arts fighters first attack one at a time. Jiff waves his arms, and the first two fall without coming near his waving arms. Two more fighters attack simultaneously, and they are flipped in complete somersaults, without Jiff touching them.

Jiff kicks, about four feet away from the fourth attacker, and the fighter is somehow propelled across the room with two flips.

A fifth attacker wields two short swords. Jiff fights him off with a fake Gucci purse. The attacker gets knocked to the ground. Off-camera Jiff twists his foot where the attacker fell, implying that he broke the fighter’s neck with his foot.

Jiff continues to fight, swinging a mop. He passes a large mirror, unfortunately exposing the camera crew in the reflection.

“Jiff! Jiff!” yells Dave, waving him away from the mirror.

Jiff climbs the stairs at the back of the barn, surprising the seated boss, Afrim.

In This Episode

  • Eddie Murphy as Jiff
  • Heather Graham as Daisy
  • Adam Alexi-Malle as Afrim
  • Kohl Sudduth as Slater
  • Jamie Kennedy as Dave
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